Our multi sport, SPEED HUB, program focuses on developing the correct biomechanics techniques of sprinting, achieving speed and power. NCCP Athletics and BC Athletics certified coach Demord Dann, also known as Coach D, was a highly talented Baseball Player, in his earlier years, was invited to both Toronto Blue Jays and the California Angles scouting camps. He also received a Division 1, scholarship at Texarkana College, in the State of Texas, as the starting Centre Fielder. Always being asked how do you run so fast around the bases by his fellow ball players, Coach D, gives credit to the sprinting technique and training knowledge he obtained, training with Olympic Head Coach, Brent McFarland at the KW Track and Field Athletic Club in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario. It was said, that a athlete can only sprint as fast as his or her technique will allow.

Amanda and Sharen from Two Craft Sisters own a local Cloverdale company that makes custom apparel, handmade wood items and much more! They have been busy making all our new C-Town attire. Check them out for any custom orders you need!

Our program trains all skill levels aged 6 to 13+ looking to improve their health, athleticism, social skills and confidence.

Our approach offers weekly 1 hour group sessions, in a fun and safe atmosphere to compliment any sport or activity.

SMASH Dryland Training includes; full body strength exercises, cardio, speed/agility training, as well as footwork and mobility drills. Our workouts are combined with age appropriate stations to focus on core control and correct form; while ensuring the atmosphere is fun and safe for all to work hard, compete and sweat. SMASH Dryland Training develops muscle functionality for everyday health or to compliment any sport/activity.

At SMASH our coaches know the importance of positive fitness development and encourage and recognize each individual's progress. We set them up for long term consistency, discipline and healthy habits to improve their mental and physical health.

With TEAM SMASH we become Fitter, Healthier, Stronger and more Confident!

MÄRK LUMBER’s founder, Marc Bourgeois, played baseball since the age of four. Having played for some of the best Colleges in the US and professionally for the Arizona Diamondbacks minor league organization, he brings a wealth of experience. While being known for his relentless work ethic and his leadership, both his College and Professional careers were highlighted by his ability to drive the ball with power.

His passion for hitting combined with his unparalleled determination made him want to learn everything he could about swing mechanics. And he didn’t stop there. Having experience logging since he was a young boy and being intrigued by woodworking, turning bats seemed like a natural progression for Marc.

Although the company name is based off Marc himself, Marc believes that the cornerstone of this company is his wife, Roxann. From graphic design to event planning and marketing, she brings that sharp, final touch that has taken MÄRK LUMBER to another level. She might not have been a professional ball player herself, but rest assured, she has watched her share of games through her husband’s long career. She can talk Lumber with the best of us!

Through MÄRK LUMBER, Marc pursues the same goal he had as a ball player not long ago: to make it to the Show. For him, manufacturing top quality bats isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.